Family Night in SLO

Our family loves going to SLO. We have been doing it for years. In fact two of our children have been born there. Well last night we went there to celebrate Mother’s day. Jen wanted to go and do some shopping and hit a few of the places we like to eat.

We started by going to Bel-Frites which is this neat little french fry place in the middle of downtown. All it serves is Belgian french fries with a choice of your seasonings and dipping sauce. Very good and trans fat free (as if that is a consideration when you are thinking french fries.) I chose the bay seasoning with tricked out honey mustard sauce. Jen had something I can remember except her sauce wasn’t good at all. The kids loved them all.

We then went shopping looking for various things that Jen might want. We ended up at the Apple store where I was trying to convince her that she needed a mac laptop for Mother’s day but she kept saying something about impulse and rash so I gave up.

Finally we ended up at Mo’s BBQ. They have the best BBQ pork sandwiches. Delicious! While we were there we ran into one of my old interns. He is happily married and doing well. After leaving I kept chewing on something that will be the subject of a future post.

All is all it was a wonderful time as a family. The kids are hysterical and we laughed the whole time. Laughter is definitely one of our families core values.


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