Missionary Update

We support missionary Dan Finfrock of Intensive Care Ministries. His sole purpose is to train up pastors around the world in the Inductive Bible Study system. He just got back from Bolivia and sent me this report:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings to you!  I just returned from Bolivia this week and wanted to let you know some of the fruit that came from this time of training.  I took a team of 7 people with me.  We had six of the team doing a medical clinic while I did my Inductive Bible study seminar with pastors and Christian workers.  We transported 14 large suitcases and duffle bags of medical supplies and IBS manuals.  When we arrived at the airport in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, five our bags were missing.  As we went through customs, two of our bags were confiscated because we had no cover letter from our host church regarding bringing in medicines.  They told us to bring a letter the next day and go to customs office to get clearance.

The next day we brought a letter from the church and sat for over an hour waiting for this director of customs.  He never showed up so we called the airlines to see if our bags had arrived and they told us they had and to come pick them up.  We got over to the airport and were able to get the five bags.  When we asked about the two confiscated bags, they asked if we had a letter which we produced and they released them to us!   They did not even open the five bags!

The medical team and our chiropractor saw several hundred people over the week and numerous miracles occurred.  One tiny baby was brought in who was six months old and had been unable to move its head.  Bill prayed over the little one and made a couple simple adjustments to its neck and seconds later the baby started moving its head for the first time.  One of our couples working with the medical team prayed over every person who came in for treatment and just ministered to them.   It was a powerful time to watch them work.

Our Inductive Bible study seminar was well received by the pastors and Christian workers.  We had about half the size group that we were expecting and I was a bit disappointed in the turnout.   We happened to be very short on funds and with the smaller group we had more than enough to cover the costs.  If the full group had shown up, we would have been short to meet the financial needs.

We had 5 Brazilian Missionaries in attendance and they were so excited about what they were learning that they called their headquarters in Brazil.  We now have an open invitation to do seminars in Brazil!  We had another pastor attending near the border of Argentina and he wants to take us into Argentina also.   What started as a disappointment has turned into a big blessing.  We often do not see the clear picture of what God is doing, but we know He is at work accomplishing His purposes.  I’m learning to not react to quickly when things do not go the way we expect them to.

One other blessing was that two of our team members were in a car accident but neither was hurt.  We are very grateful for your covering of prayers and support for the seminars and outreaches.  May God bless you much.

In Christ,

Pastor Dan Finfrock