Sunday Update

Our third Sunday went off without a hitch…well almost. Seems the sprinklers were set for 10:30 AM and it completely soaked our hospitality tent and team. Our kids were also going to class so that got a little scary because the sidewalks were wet. Everything worked out okay though. Spoke of the rich young ruler and being a cheerful giver. That is always a little tense but it went off well. I always get good feedback when I talk about money.

Seems like there a ton of sponsors for our Teacher Appreciation lunch on Wednesday. Our church has stepped up big time and I think it is going to be a huge blessing to the school. Talked with the principal today and he is very pleased abut how we use the school which is a huge thing. That is completely a tribute to our volunteers who go way above the call of duty to work with the school.

It is getting harder to connect with our people on Sundays. I remember Ricky Ryan sharing that he could only connect with 5 people on a Sunday and I am starting to see the truth in that. I also feel God is calling to spend more time at the altar praying for people. I walked by that area yesterday and had several people grab me for prayer.

Starting to get a handle on the new dynamic of the school. Our fellowship is different because of the layout and that means adapting to it. I don’t get to hook up with the workers as much as before because they are busy up to the moment before church. We are going to have to encourage people to come into the second service earlier so we don’t have a mob scene of people trying to get in for the service. We are actually going to have to designate a stroller parking area. Never thought I would have to make a sign for that. With that said I love being portable.


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