Dinner Out

Had dinner last night with some good friends, the Pottengers. Matt is a Pastor at Calvary Shoreline in Morro Bay and Peggy is a high school friend of Jen’s. We met in SLO at a place called Big Sky Cafe. It is this healthy fare restaurant that was surprisingly good. No sprouts stuffed in anything. I actually had a really good steak.

The Pottengers are getting to head off to Kenya, Africa next January as missionaries. We got to hear their story of how God called them to the missions field and what they are going to be doing there. Matt has a vision to one day open a Bible College in a city I can’t remember the name of. They were telling us that while there are a lot of evangelists in Kenya resulting in a lot of salvations there isn’t a lot of spiritual depth in the people. Matt’s heart is discipleship and teaching so this plays right into Matt’s strength.

We are excited for them and will actually have them come speak to our church in the fall. If you are open to missions this is something not to miss. They will be going on a missions trip this summer to Kenya and have two more spots available. Cost is $3000. If you are interested let me know and I will connect you to them.