Dog Evangelism

Lately I have been walking my dog, Sampson, on the Chaparral in the Village. This has introduced me to a group of people that I would’ve never met in my normal life, Dog people. Each morning I run into the same people walking their dogs. Some are from our church like Cindy but most are not. They are very nice people. Our dogs play together while we chit chat.

Something struck me this morning as I was walking. This is a group of people that God can use me to witness to. It will take time and be done in increments but as I pray for them and opportunities I believe that God will open the door for me to share the Gospel or pray for them.

We often overlook the people that God brings into our lives on a daily basis who don’t know Christ. It we notice it then we can be purposeful in our mission to reach lost people. So my encouragement to you is to look around and see the possibilities in your life.


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