Sunday Thoughts (Monday Edition)

We had our second Sunday service at Buena Vista yesterday and all was smooth. A couple of thoughts:

  • I love being portable! Seeing everyone involved is a great inspiration
  • Our ministry teams are really dialed in right now
  • Ran out of room and chairs in second service…again
  • Tom did a great job with worship!
  • Children’s ministry was packed (in an air conditioned room)
  • Yesterday was really hot! Wished I was wearing shorts
  • Seeing lots of new people
  • Had someone have an issue with one of my points and in the process proved my point
  • Missed the bikers from “Rushing Winds”
  • Allergies are a pain. Gave me that flat feeling
  • We need to find a stroller parking lot
  • Caleb was introduced to school bathrooms
  • The vibe between services is really good
  • There was a rush to get into second service because no one wanted to stop fellowshipping

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