My Friday

Fridays have become my day off. No need to give reasons except that it works out best. Today was a good day off. Did some yard work, hung out with the youngest, and had lunch with a buddy. With the craziness of the past few weeks it was nice not to be in the office, or on the phone, or meeting some deadline.

The wife is off getting ready for the next "Refreshed" which is tomorrow. Seems like it is going to be packed with women, tea, and art. I might go up and watch some of our Village People compete in the local YMCA Triathlon in Santa Maria since I will have all the kiddies. Maybe the Grandparents playground will be open :).

I am really excited about what is coming up. We have some community events planned that will start to push our church outside the walls. Also seeking God on some leadership training that will take our church to the next level of ministry. Some people in our congregation are feeling the call to ministry. This is always a vital step because it is best to hire from within.

The struggle of staff and savings always pulls at churches and we are no different.  Now that we are realizing big savings from being at the school we have those who want to hire staff  (me) and those who want to save (everybody else).  So the next few months will be filled with lively conversations.