All I Can Say Is Wow!

Today was unbelievable! We had our largest attendance ever and the school facility rocked. Our team of volunteers were amazing and the Holy Spirit was moving in a powerful way.

I have never seen that many people at our first service. What tripped me out was that we had visitors. Our people must be telling others about it because we sent out nothing about our move.

We also made our introduction to the neighborhood when Rushing Winds Motorcyle group roared up in 15 Harley’s. It got our people so pumped. What amazed me was that our people ran up to greet them. With that intro it just made our second service electric! Add that to the fact that we pretty much ran out of seats. We are going to have to reconfigure out seating to get more seats in there.

Several people stepped up and volunteered to help out with our ministries and when it came time to tear everything down we had ample help. The momentum that was generated from Easter continued in our move. There is no doubt (even though a diminishing few will argue) that God is doing a special work in the church. After seeing all of His provision this week and what happened today I can’t wait to see what is next.


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