Saturday Set Up

Everyone met at Buena Vista school for a dry run of our Sunday Services. Energy was high as everyone showed up. We started off with prayer asking God to bless the school for it openness and the teachers for opening their classrooms.

Set up went better than expected. The rooms which we got were awesome! Seriously they fit our ministry so well. Each ministry space was perfect for what we needed. The auditorium turned out great. The band sounds awesome and we were able to add a lot more seating. We had a ton of help. People are stepping into new roles and new people are jumping on board. There was a real life there this morning.God is totally blessing this thing He is doing in The Village Chapel. I am so excited for tomorrow.

The janitor at the school is great. She was really impressed with what was going on. Our prayer is to be a blessing to the school and to leave no footprint of us even being there. That seemed to be on everyones mind today as well.

See your tomorrow.