Awesome Sunday!!!

I know it has been over a week since I posted and there is a reason for that. Things have been insane!!! Last week was one of the busiest ministry weeks I have ever had. With all the transition going on between us leaving the White Oak Hotel and getting ready move to Buena Vista School next Sunday there has been no time to post. Here are a few notes from today that are post worthy:

  • We are continuing our surge in attendance.
  • The last three Sundays we have seen over 250 adults between the two services.
  • 2nd service has been packed
  • Today we had a ton of visitors! I didn’t know a lot of the people coming in
  • Evan & Megan did worship and they are a great brother and sister team.
  • Our leadership lunch was great. I love being able to share vision with our team of people
  • The volunteers of The Village Chapel blow me away. They are so sold out
  • We presented our need for our transition to the group and almost 25% was given today alone
  • If you would like to help us out with our transition costs ($10,000) go here.
  • There is a lot left to do but I am looking forward to next Sunday already