In of All Places

I am sitting in McDonald’s in the middle of Lompoc on Monday morning waiting for my truck to be fixed at Big Brand Tires. Did you know that McDonald’s has WiFi now? Me either. So now I am able to study and do work while I wait for my brakes to be changed.

One thing that is striking me while I am here is that there is a vibrant community here. There are probably 25-30 seniors sitting in the restaurant shooting the bull. Looks like it is a kind of retired persons Meat Market also. I am cracking up because there are four guys sitting in the middle of the dining room talking loudly, because they can’t hear too well, solving the problems of the world. They argue, tease, and laugh with each other. People know each other, go from table to table, and basically hang out. When a person, like me, walks in and is not part of the norm they look up at you as if to say “Why are you here?” Some guy told me I took his hat as he pointed to his Boston Red Sox hat. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that his hat has a red “B” and mine has a gold “B” for bruins. So I smiled and laughed.

What is obvious is that people are desperate for relationships and community and we as the church aren’t doing a good enough job to show them we have the best life changing community that there is. Why is it that a high calorie meal in a somewhat old and dirty restaurant with people is more appealing than church? This always gets me and makes me do introspection on how we can reach more people.


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