God Made us to Work

Brett Farve retired today. I was never a Packer fan but I was a Brett Farve fan. He was everyman. Simple, down to earth, normal. He is living proof that God made us to work. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times wrote

Favre played for the fun. Favre played for the recklessness. Favre played for the delight of running around a big patch of grass on a Sunday afternoon.
Other quarterbacks are always trying to redesign the game. Favre, alone, played it as it was invented.
He was the anti-Manning. He was the alter-Brady.
He threw more touchdown passes — 442 — than anyone in history.
He also threw for more interceptions — 288 — than anyone in history.
That was Favre, a human amusement-park ride, delighting and devastating fans for 15 years in 30-second intervals.
He also threw for more yards than any quarterback (61,655) and won more
games than any quarterback (160) and finished his career with a
quarterback-boggling 275 consecutive starts.

275 Starts in a row! This man played a game for his work but went about it with a blue collar mentality. He showed up for work and did his job. I am always bummed when people like Brett Farve, Kirby Puckett, and Cal Ripken retire because they show us how to do what we do with incredible passion and work ethic. The two put together make a unstoppable force as evidenced by their careers. They are a salute to those people who go to work day in and day out and do what they do to the Glory of the Lord without the fanfare.

God meant us to work. Do we play at our work?