Sunday Thoughts

  • Let me start of by saying that this was one of our best Sundays!
  • Hard to put in words but Sunday clicked
  • I don’t even mean technically, our Pro Presenter was giving us fits
  • Both services had a good feeling and flow
  • I am loving the fellowship after services!
  • We had to kick out some people from the 1st service to get the 2nd going
  • I spoke on Luke 16 and I enjoyed it
  • Money is always a tough subject to hear
  • Shared how the average family has 7 credit cards and $30,000 in debt
  • Had a family tell me afterwards they were above average…made me laugh the way they said it
  • I love the honesty of our people!
  • Many times we don’t think that we will be held accountable for how we spend all of our money
  • We had our second new comers lunch as about 40 people came
  • Looking forward to getting them plugged into small groups and ministry teams
  • Talking about vision is becoming more natural to me
  • I am so sold out on our vision
  • Something tells me that our next small group semester is going to go well
  • Every week I am amazed at our volunteers
  • The hospitality team was getting it done this week
  • The clean up team was there till we were done with the lunch
  • Sunday nights are special to me
  • They are family time and some of the best memories come out of those nights
  • Our kids are at a stage where they are hysterical
  • It is hard to discipline when everything in you is trying not to die laughing
  • Jen and I like movies with corny lines in them

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