Small Groups Bustin Out

I have had several discussions with some of our small group leaders this week and they are all sharing the same story. The groups are growing and I am not just talking numbers here. I am hearing stories from people in the groups who are loving it. Relationships are being developed and people are getting it.

Relationships, or small groups, are part of our four core values and it neat to see this grow and develop in our church. I am proud of our leaders because they get what it is about. Now as we continue to grow we will have a ready steam of potential leaders and hosts who can start new groups.

I am excited to get some studies going on base, expand further into to Mission Hills and Lompoc, as well as Santa Maria. With a goal of 75% of our people in small groups this will take a major effort but I believe we will see a lot of fruit out of it. Already our ministry teams are starting to see the benefits of people getting plugged in through small group recruitment. This is what Living the WORD is all about.


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