Good to be Home!

Seattle was nice but we were ready to come home. We needed a break from the routine, we feel refreshed and refilled. Now we are ready to love all over our kiddies and focus on what God has for us in the future. Got a lot of things to pray about and get ready for Easter. We are doing a Sunrise service this year with a full breakfast afterwards. I love Sunrise services and we have one of the best places to do it…right at the hotel. Hopefully the rain will stay away.

Our newcomers lunch is this Sunday. Looking forward to casting the vision for The Village Chapel to the many families who have joined us recently. If you haven’t signed up yet send an email to and let us know. Lunch is provided as well as childcare.

Finally I am looking so forward to my own bed. My back hurts from the travel and bad beds. I will do a future post about the weird hotel we stayed in while we were there. Heard all this good stuff but was seriously disappointed. Fortunately it was free because of credit card points.


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