Design vs. Value

As I mentioned in a earlier post we just got back from Seattle. We were at the Resurgence conference which was a great time of teaching. I felt I got so much more just having Jen there to discuss it with. The Supremacy of Christ was hammered home which was so refreshing. It was held at Mars Hill church which is pastored by Mark Driscoll. This church is amazing in that it is simple, well done, and to the point. Everything there designed to get the person there to focus on Christ.

On the other hand we stayed at a hotel called the W hotel. For years I have heard about this hotel and how incredible it is. From a design standpoint it has received several awards and had become to the popular place for business people to stay. Well we could never afford to go there on our budget but we had received enough Starwood points for two free nights. What a waste. First of all it tried way too hard to be hip and trendy. When you go to the elevator they pump house music like the kind you hear in a disco. After exiting the elevator to go to the room you walk down hallways that are lit like a disco. Finally you walk into a room that isn’t as nice as you think it would be.

I think design is a tool used to accomplish what you need to but if you use design as the goal you forsake the value. We got no value out of our hotel. So much attention was put of the decor that it was painfully uncomfortable. The last night of the trip we switched to a Holiday Inn and enjoyed the room. Simple but comfortable. Never put design over value. If people think you are cool looking but walk away with nothing you wasted both parties time. Give people something of value and use design to add to it.


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