Sunday Thoughts

Yesterday was an interesting Sunday. I haven’t felt the spiritual attack like this in a awhile. All week I was struggling with fires to put out, sickness, and a difficulty with my message. Saturday night I woke up at 1:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t feel good about my message because it wasn’t coming together. Thought is was just because I was sick and stressed but after getting done with both services I finally realized that I was under attack. Satan had no desire to let me speak that message and did everything in his power to derail me but God had other plans. Honestly if you asked me for my notes I would say no because they wouldn’t match up with what was said. that is because God took over in both services and delivered the goods. Seriously several times I thought I should just sit down and listen because it wasn’t me. God is good.

We had a ton of visitors Sunday! Wow I met several of them and actually knew a few of them. Going through a different season. Not sure what is up but it is a good thing.

Tom and his boys Alec and Joel did a great job with worship. Just call them the Von Teffts from now on. I think Karen is sewing them leider hosen outfits as we speak. It is so good to have Tom on staff. God is using them powerfully to reach the youth. There was a grip of them in church on Sunday.

Was sporting my wife’s Valentines gift at church. Gotta admit it felt good to wear a little Gator repellent.

Hearing incredible stories about our small groups. If you are in one join one! People are being changed. It is becoming the lifeblood of our church. Want to meet some people go to the website and click on Bible studies and pick a day. Pretty pumped about our first full semester of small groups.