Prophecy Conference

Spent the morning in Santa Barbara listening to some big minds difest what is going on in the world as it relates to end times prophecy. If you don’t know much about Calvary Chapel this is one thing it does well. I have never been that in to it before but I felt the Spirit leading me to attend it. One of those reasons was my boy Lance Ralston was speaking at it and he pulls out some the most obscure things and makes since out of them. Never thought that I would be interested in Post Humanism but now I am thanks to an amazing talk he gave relating Genesis 3 and Revelation 13. Powerful.

Also heard from Prof. David Newton of Westmont College about the correlation to economics and end times prophecy. Fascinating! He did a stellar job correlating how a one world monetary system will result from the Anti-Christ declaring himself god in the temple. Hopefully they will post the messages online. If they do I will post it here.