Who’s Going to be Number 20,000?

Sometime in the next day or so this will blog will pass the 20,000 visitor mark. In the two short years I have been doing this I never would’ve thought it would get close to this but I’ve seen the viewership of this blog increase on a monthly basis. What started out as a venue for me to write has morphed into one of the best communications tools I use at The Village Chapel. I enjoy doing it although I wish I had time to do it more.

A few changes will be happening. First I have basically shut off all comments. There are so few of them that it won’t make a difference except to those few out there who don’t like me or what I am doing. Also I am going to attempt to do more vision casting and leadership writing in the future. You will still be able to get the updates here but I want to add more breadth to the blog.

Finally you will still be able to get my UCLA musings. As we get closer to March madness you will be seeing more of them. Without TV anymore it is difficult to keep up but ESPN and the LA Times keep me abreast online.

So even though I won’t know who #20,000 is I thank all of you for stopping by from time to time.