Sunday Thoughts

Services were incredible yesterday! The Holy Spirit showed up and it was powerful! Each part of the service was affected. The worship was so sweet. Do it without the break in the middle was really nice but to be honest after the first song I was caught up in it.

Going back to two services was a good decision. It gave us more time to worship and fellowship. The Altar teams told me the ministry after the services was incredible as well.

With increased space, and some future renovations that the hotel ownership is allowing us to do through our lease extension we are positioned to reach as many people as we did with three services.

I was amazed because my family left close to 12:30pm as there were still several families there hanging out and the second service got out at 11:30am! The coffee bar was packed with people lingering to talk and meet new people.

You are going to want to be at the church on March 2nd. Paul is working with a youth choir and they sound amazing! I think they have only practiced 3 times. Who would’ve thought that Paul would be the person to orchestrate something like this. He cracks me up. No fear whatsoever.