You may have heard of the term MBWA or Management by Walking Around. It became famous with the One Minute Manager I think. Anyways I becoming incredibly proficient by doing Management by Driving Around. I get a lot done and connect with a ton of people when I have to drive long distances. I have done this several times in the last month and have come away with some great strategies. I have to giver my wife a lot of credit because on a couple of trips she has helped me process a lot of decisions that had to be made. It was nice to bounce ideas off of her.

When I get into the office too much stuff is happening for me to think clearly. I need a place to get away that gives me time to think. One note: I do much better thinking in my Tundra than in Jen’s Town and Country. I don’t know what it is about mini-vans but they aren’t cool and often smell weird which just kills the creative process. Hopefully as the weather gets better this will work when I ride my bike as well.

I think my staff is starting to dread me taking long road trips because they know things are going to change and I am going to call them a bunch of times. 🙂 Think about it who couldn’t solve a ton of problems as the they cruise the 101 and look at the Pacific. Sometimes as I get farther away I actually feel the stress getting smaller and smaller. I don’t know how you operate but I encourage you to find your creative place and go often.


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