Full Steam Ahead

What a day! It started by having 13 men at prayer this morning. Nothing moves things like prayer. Then all of us broke down our regular sanctuary of chairs and replaced them with more "economical" ones. This allowed us to place 215 chairs in our sanctuary instead of 145. We also put 100 chairs in our Village Kids room for overflow and moved the Village kids upstairs. Rene called and told me that the overflow video and sound are great and fully workable so we are good to go.

I am pumped about tomorrow! We won’t get to do some of the things we wanted to do but it is still going to be great. No BBQ but we will have cake! Make sure to get there early as we will have valet parking in our sanctuary. If you are coming early to help park on the far side of the hotel to give our parking attendants room for the rest of the cars. If it is raining and it will be raining take advantage of our drop off tent out front of the church entrance. If you are a mother coming with kids let the parking people know so they can give you preferential parking.

God is already doing something and tomorrow will be a definitive day in those plans. See you there.


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