Calling an Audible

We are having to change plans. The Elders of the churc met and decided that the weather was too unpredictable for us to hold services in the tent. So we are going to cram into the church on Sunday. We have rented 300 chairs and will be able to put most of them in the sanctuary and the Apollo room.

A couple of things will be different to make this happen.

  • First the Village Kids will be meeting upstairs
  • They will go there from the beginning of the service
  • Next we will be postponing the BBQ for a couple of weeks
  • We don’t have the capacity to transition from Sanctuary to Dinning.
  • Finally we ask that if you come early please park on the side of the hotel
  • This will give room for our parking attendants to put all the cars
  • We will have a rain drop off at the front so you can drop off spouses and kid

If you have any questions call the church office at 733-2127. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this.


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