A Nice Break

Church yesterday was a nice change of pace. I had asked Dr Dale Ekstrum to come and share on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and did a great job. So many interesting points that I am still chewing on. His point on who is control was eye opening. He talked about the millions of things that happen the second after birth to a baby and asked us if we wanted to be in control of that or let God do it. Really bright into light how little we control and what a small deal it is. The Pod-cast will be up on Tuesday and I suggest you listen to it.

It was nice for me because I didn’t have to stress while I was in Lancaster at my Grandmother’s funeral. It really helped me enjoy that time. I also got a chance to walk around and see some of the ministries that go on each week. If you haven’t noticed Tom and Christin are knocking it out of the park with their respective ministries. Wow! Tom had close to 20 Middle Schoolers back in the ice box. It was frigid and the kids were just pumped. He told me that Wednesdays are off the hook too. They are having over 30 students at that one. Christin has all the Village Kids jumping. Now I know why Caleb is so pumped to go to Kids Church each Sunday.

Even with it being a three day holiday we had a great group. Megan and Hannah did a great job sitting in for Bill doing worship. The Chick thing was a nice change up as well. We have such an awesome group of people at the church! I am so privileged to be the pastor at The Village Chapel. Looking forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary this Sunday!