Family Reunion

Went ot my Grandma’s funeral and had a really good time. I enjoyed hearing my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Fran talk about her. What an amazing lady! Raised during the depression, became a Christ follower at 9, and raised children while her husband was off fighting World War II. I heard stories that I have never heard before today. Got a richer deeper history of my roots. Very touching and humorous at times. I am blessed with a Godly heritage.

It was a family reunion of sorts. Saw people I hadn’t seen since my wedding. Fun to hook up with some of my cousins who I grew up with. Got to see a lot of family friends. It seemed everyone knew about what I was doing and how well it is going. It was a little weird that almost everyone started the conversation; "Heard your church is going great!" Some people I had to be reminded of who they were.

The only bummer was that we couldn’t take our kids. Too much for a day trip and they could’ve never sat through the two hour service. Nonetheless Jen and I had an awesome time talking and praying there and back. We got to talk about so much and she learned a ton about my family. Now that everyone knows we live so close to Solvang our house could turn into Casa de Musselwhite. That is pretty cool.


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