Saturday Night Prep

Saturday is usually our stay at home and chill day. With the craziness of Sunday the next day we feel it is best to decompress before more than after. I can always tell the difference in my energy level when I have had a busy Saturday as opposed to a mellow one. Our kids haven’t gotten old enough for the party circuit yet or play sports so we take advantage of that. Often we just BBQ at night, get the kids ready for bed, and then I spend time getting my mind and heart ready for what God has for Sunday.

As my time in ministry goes on I am finding studying the Scriptures more enjoyable but challenged. As a Senior Pastor there is so much more demand on my time. Normal study times during the week are always being challenged for the tyranny of the urgent and now. Hopefully with the new offices my study time will increase and my time will be managed better. Already many of the distractions have gone away. The comfort level of having a permanent desk, files, and book cases (Thanks Tom) add to that. This will only make my Saturdays that much more relaxing thus preparing me more for Sundays.


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