Sunday Night Thoughts

For the first Sunday of a New Year the text I taught wasn’t your typical motivational material. Luke 13 has some heavy theology in there and trying to explain it has drained me. Jen kept asking me how today went and all I could say was good because I didn’t have the mental power left over to say anything else.

When  Jesus talks about the narrow gate and how difficult it is to be a part of the kingdom of God it really opens your eyes. Matt 7:13 says broad is the way to destruction but the narrow gate and the difficult path is the way to life. Good stuff but not easy.

It is always different when one of the staff are missing. Tom was down in Mexico with the youth on a missions trip and I felt like a part of our church was missing. Makes you realize how much you lean on them when they are there. I appreciate Tom and Karen so much. We are blessed to have them at The Village Chapel.

Bill, Keith, and Kim did an acoustic set that was great! Very simple but with rain set a tone of worship that was deep and reflective.

Christin told me that her numbers for Kids Church were off the charts! It was really nice to have all the families back after the vacations. Some families have so many kids that if just a couple of those are missing Kids Church is totally different.

We got some special stuff planned for the last two Sundays in January. The first is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and we have Dr. Dale Ekstrum coming to share. I couldn’t think of anyone better to give that message. After hearing him at the Men’s Breakfast last October I know that it is going to be a special morning.

On the last Sunday we will be celebrating our one year anniversary as a church. Got some big things in the cooker for that. I will keep you posted as details become available. We take a look back and a jump forward. This is a Sunday you don’t want to miss. Come early that day!

Finished up the day hanging with the family. Nothing like a raining night, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, and Jason Bourne.