Finished 07 Strong

I felt The Village Chapel ended 2007 really strong. After a period of two months that really stunk I felt we got our momentum back in the middle of December and finished in a blaze of Glory. Our Christmas programs went off really well. Every one of them. Our Christmas Eve Services were a ton of fun and we saw several new families start attending on a regular basis. We got into our new offices, our website quadrupled our previous high for a month, and our giving at the end of the year was through the roof.

Why do I mention all of this? I feel God is preparing us for some incredible things in the near future. Some of them are on the horizon and some of it is yet to be revealed by God. It excites me to get to the office each day just to be diligent in the things He has on our plates right now. As I look back in retrospect of all He has done in the last 12 months I am completely humbled. I never would’ve dreamed to see the response to our church launch like I did.

As we expand our ministry base in the coming months I am looking forward to seeing more and more people get what it means to "Live The WORD" at The Village Chapel. We are in the process of putting together a ministry report that will lay out the details of all the salvations, baptisms, and such.