Office Update

We moved into our offices yesterday. Everything went smoothly as all the jumped in and made the transition smooth except for when I smashed my thumb between the door and Susan’s solid oak desk.. Everything is pretty much in disarray but that should be ironed out by the end of next week. Susan and Christin were snapping pictures the whole time so when I get some of them I will post them here. The coffee bar that the church looks like a different place now with all the cubicles and file cabinets gone. It will be nice to have that opened up for everyone on Sundays.

I really like my office. Lots of space and light. Heading there this morning to study for tomorrow. The office is so close that I plan on walking everyday. We’ll see how that goes. Tom & Christin are going to share another office but we had to install bars on the windows to keep them on task :). Susan’s area is going to take time because her new desk won’t be here until the end of the month.

In the middle of the office is our conference room. Once we get a table donated for that it will be a nice focal point. We pulled in a table from the church yesterday and were able to have our staff planning meeting for 2008 which went really well. Excited for what God has for the Village Chapel in 08.


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