Christmas Eve Services

This is really late in posting but it is the first chance I have had to post. Last night were our first Christmas Eve services and it blew my mind. We had a full 6pm service even though the off ramp right in front of the hotel was closed due to an accident. Everone had to go the long way around. The 7pm service was standing room only! That blew my mind. The whole time leading up to it I was second guessing if we should’ve done a 5pm instead of a 7pm but we got it right. Wow! We then had a good showing to the 11pm service. I am pretty sure half of the people there were there just to see if anyone would show up but that is cool. All three services went off well. The worship team did a great job, we had a ton of volunteers, and the sanctuary looked awesome! Man I had never seen it at night with all the lights and candles. Incredible and I am so grateful to Sharon and her team.

In between the 2nd and 3rd service we had a little party at our house for anyone who wanted to come and it was fun. Jen cooked all day making enchiladas and Chile Verde. We had several families show u and the fellowship was so sweet. Lots of people got to know each other which was a bonus to the whole thing. The new house held up well and poor Sampson got more activity in an hour than he gets in a whole week. He slept well.

Anyways I am praising God for our church!


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