Spineless Christians

The Internet affords certain people a sense of anonymity. They can shoot off comments and email and remain completely unknown. This allows them to say whatever they and not have to worry about being found out. I have a growing group here on this blog. They shoot off comments with aliases and fake emails and basically put the church and me down.  I rarely post their comments because their comments are senseless and offer no useful insight. Others are just plain dumb.

Everytime we do something of significance they are quick to slam it. They take shots at my character even though few of them know me. They lament that people have left their church and come to The Village Chapel. They seem to know everything going on but yet never attend. Their words have no love and they are quick to criticize. What makes them spineless is that they refuse to own up to their comments. They want to drop bombs and then hide. It basically put them in the same categories as terrorists. You know those guys who run around setting off bombs but hide behind their masks because they are too chicken to stand for what they believe.

I am not calling you guys out. In fact many people will tell me not to give you them time of day, but if the church was full of men who possessed a spine then the kingdom work would be done much sooner and we all could go home to heaven.


One thought on “Spineless Christians

  1. Sorry to hear that bro. Been talking with Mike Neglia almost every day on gmail talk he says he is praying about coming out to your church and speaking. Thats pretty awesome!


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