A New Addition

BoxerI know if you just saw this title you would think we were expecting our fourth child. WRONG! We added a dog to our family last night. A one year old Boxer puppy. This isn’t him but I thought the photo was funny.

Jen’s Aunt has raised four Boxers and she rescued this one after it was abandoned. She ran adds in the newspaper looking for the owner and when there was no answer they asked us if we wanted it. I said yes before they finished because if we ever had a family dog this would be the only kind we would get. Getting it free was a double bonus because Boxers are expensive to buy.

The kids just love them. Allie took a little getting used to but she kissed him goodbye on the way to school this morning so I think she has warmed to him. We call him Samson or Sam for short. Lots of energy but great with the kids. So gentle and mild.


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