Try Something Daring

I just found out that one of my favorite pastors is blogging. Really cool because I have enjoyed his insights in his book. He said something in a recent posts that reminded me of why I do some of the crazy things I do…It increases my faith. Here is his quote:

"Attempt something new in your church that scares you at least once or twice a year."

I know that I have done several things this year that have scared me. Launching the church in the first place tops the list, Going to 3 services, doing 3 Christmas Eve services with one that ends at Midnight, and several other throughout the year.

It is always fun to reflect back on how God has been faithful when you stick your neck on the line. This definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. Several times I have had to check to see if there still was a pulse. Thankfully God has brought me through it and made me stronger and wiser in the process.


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