Thoughts on Sunday

I feel like each Sunday is getting better and better. Our ministry teams are executing at a new level and even though we are missing a lot of people because the Holidays we are seeing new people fill their seats. I am loving the sermon series "Recapture the Wonder." It is good to change things up and do a few topical messages. This last Sunday I felt really comfortable up there speaking and the material I had to share was pretty powerful.

The response to our postcard was amazing. My assistant Susan told me we have a ton of cards in the office from first time visitors that came! Outreach is the company that we use for our postcards and the return we get from each mailer far exceeds the costs of doing them. What is great are the people who come already know several people in our church from their jobs so there is an instant connection. Really creates that inviting atmosphere we strive for.

Our altar team is taking shape. Added several more mature couples this week and there is good ministry going on up there now.

Can’t wait until Christmas Eve. I know three services seems crazy but honestly I believe that is what is going to take to reach this Valley for Christ.


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