Sunday Mind Dump

Here are a few thoughts that are rattling around in my mind:

  • We love living in the Village! It is nice being close to the church and the kids Preschool
  • This cold weather with wind chill reminds me of Lancaster
  • Church went well today
  • Started our Christmas Series "Recapture The Wonder"
  • The first message on Joy went well…that one has been inside me for awhile
  • Next week is Recapture The Wonder
  • The worship team was hitting on all cylinders today
  • Bill is doing a good job involving new people
  • It trips me out to see Ellen up there playing keyboard
  • She just had her second cataract surgery and at the sprite age of 70 is rocking out up there!
  • Seeing some real ministry going on between services
  • Our Altar is starting to take shape with some neat people who have a heart for that
  • Our ministry teams have stepped up huge
  • Seeing lots of new workers in different areas
  • As I write this 65 women are converging on The Village Chapel for the Christmas Refreshed
  • There should be some good cookies and candy in my house later 🙂
  • Starting to get my mind turning for 2008
  • Small Groups are going to be a huge emphasis next year and several hosts and teachers are coming on board
  • Thats all for now

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