What a Mess

LsuCollege Football has turned into a mess. LSU lost today which is a good thing but a mess for the Bowl Championship Series. (If you aren’t into this kind of stuff I encourage you to stop reading because it will only get more confusing as I write.) LSU was the #1 team in America but now they will drop pretty low. The new #1 will be between three teams who haven’t really played anybody difficult this season. #2 Kansas plays #4 Missouri in a battle of the border and boring. These teams combined have only played three teams with a winning record. West Virginia will play UConn it the Weak East for the championship. All these teams have had incredibly easy schedules and have unimpressed in most of their games.This is the year it pays to play mediocrity (unless of course you are Michigan or Notre Dame).

We could have a national championship game with Kansas vs. Ohio State. Is there anybody not from the Mid-West interested in this game? What I am hoping for now is they will schedule USC vs. LSU in the Rose Bowl. That will be the game everybody wants to watch with the bonus being that is will be on New Years Day which is where all the important games should be. The real bad part of this is that the BCS is so whacked. You have Hawaii, who is undefeated and has played a schedule comparable to #2 Kansas, and Boise State which is 11-1 both hanging out at #1 5 & #19. Because they are not in one of the seven power conferences they get no respect, or really they get shut out because the other conferences are greedy.

College football has been lousy and great this year. Teams expected to win have lost and we have seen some incredible games. What is lousy is that is all a money play with Universities jockeying for millions of dollars.  It will work itself out and some great games will be seen. I just hope somebody can make sense out of this mess.


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