Toby’s First Word

A couple of weeks back I was talking about how Jesus always referred to God, his Father, as Abba Father. This meant that Jesus always said his prayers by saying Daddy, Daddy. I joked in the message that when we first had Caleb it was a race to see if he would say Daddy or Mama first. He actually said ball and then Papa first but that is water under the bridge :). What we learned was that when they learned your name first it meant that they called your name when they woke up in the middle of the night. So when we started working with Toby I kept trying to get him to say mama. It didn’t work. Just last week he started saying "DaDa." Oh well. It is really cute. Now he won’t stop. Just the other day he crawled out of a room and looked at me and said "DaDa." Last night he pointed his finger at me and touched my nose and said it again. My heart is melting as I write this.


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