Day #2 at NOC

Having a great day at the National Outreach Convention. Went to a session this morning taught by Dave Ferguson which was great! Then got to sit down with him and pick his brain for about 45 minutes. Dave leads Community Christian Church in Naperville, Ill. His church has 8 different campuses that have 22 services each week. Here is the kicker they all teach the same message at each service. His church has gone from 800 to 5000 in 8 years.

I always like to learn from people who have been down the road I am going and have encountered some of the same things. I was surprised when he started to describe some of the things that he had gone through were the same I am going through. Very comforting and encouraging. He was stoked about The Village Chapel as well. Fellowship among pastors is so important because it provides a venue to express questions, frustrations, and ideas.

The rest of the day is sessions and study. Got a sermon and a wedding to prepare. More posts later.


One thought on “Day #2 at NOC

  1. Chuck, keep up the good work! It sounds like God is really blessing the church and if he is doing it you can relax a little! 🙂 Good hanging out with you today. Dave


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