Sunday Reflections

  • I am really loving our new sermon series "Matter of the Heart." I felt it really connected with the people.
  • You could just tell the Holy Spirit was moving today.
  • It was good t0 have all the women back as well. They just bring life and certain decibel level.
  • Our hospitality team was off the charts today. They didn’t have enough room on the bar to put out all the stuff people brought and if you have seen the size of our bar that is really saying something.
  • Poor Bill had to lead worship while being deathly sick. Was told he had a 103 temp tonight. Pray for him.
  • We may have to push back the 11:15 service to 11:30 just to have more time in the 10 service and allow for more fellowship time afterwards. We’ll see what the 11:15 crowd says.
  • Was surprised how many people showed up to the 11:15 because of the time change
  • Always fun to do services on time changes. Had people show up at 7:30am for the 8:30
  • Lots of new faces today. Gotta work on getting them plugged into the Village life.
  • We got our video feed up in the cry room and bar yesterday and it looked really good. Should provide huge benefits down the line
  • Wore my new headset mic and loved it. Didn’t feel it while I wore it and the sound was so much better. Plus people could hear me all the time.
  • Starting to see several new people get involved. That just energizes me. Our leaders are becoming recruiters and that just multiplies ministry.
  • Our Village Tykes (2-3) started a new curriculum today and my daughter loved it. Sara and the girls got it done.
  • Louise has the serious strawberry hook up. I think I ate at least a pound of them

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