Hanging with Church Planters

There is nothing better than hanging with people who are in the same season of life or work as you are. There is a certain affinity that transcends so much. This week I got to fellowship with two church planters. The first was Rick from the Ranch Church in Los Olivos. He started a church a little over a month ago and is already busting at the seams. I really enjoyed hanging with him and Jesse for lunch. We shared stories and it was surprising how many similarities we shared. Both of us have been in ministry for a long time, We both worked as admin pastors at large Calvary Chapels, and now we are both planting Calvary Chapel churches less than 30 miles from each other. Church planting can be a lonely business and the fellowship of the other pastors is such a blessing.

The other planter I got to talk with was Matt from Calvary Chapel Cambria. He was the admin and children’s pastor at Calvary Chapel Shoreline in Morro Bay for the last several years. We have hit it off at several pastors meeting and conferences. He is affectionately known as "Bandana Matt." Well he started just under a month ago and has already growing his group. He is doing the crazy thing of pastoring this plant and still trying to do the admin at Shoreline! Hopefully he can make the jump to Cambria full time in the near future.


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