Sunday Reflections

With the women’s retreat happening this weekend I was a wondering how the day would come off. With some of our most devoted workers gone and several families missing in action because the dads gave up the goat I didn’t know what to expect. I gotta tell you I was pretty surprised. Every area was covered and our crowds were only a little down. Our people really stepped up and it really showed me the layers of leaders and workers we have at the church.

Kim sang in the worship team for the first time and did a great job, Adam and his boys covered the Village Kids beautifully, and Sally Franco was getting her feet wet behind the bar. What is really cool is that our leaders are starting to produce leaders.

I got a chance to share about our month of fasting and what God is doing out of it. A lot of the people were excited and I am looking forward to a period of faith that God is leading our church into. We have seen close to 25 salvations in the last month and a lot of those people are coming back every week. Got several things that we will be initiating in the coming weeks. One I am really excited about is our new sermon series called "Matters of the Heart" based on Luke 12. Keep posted as we will be updating more things in the coming days.


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