Three and Ohh Baby!

Well my record at UCLA games is 3-0. Karl Dorrel should give me season tickets for being such a good luck charm :). Honestly I thought the Bruins had little chance of winning the game based on pass performances this year but they not only won but did it in incredible fashion! Nothing like a game clinching interception to seal a perfect day. Hanging with Mike and Thomas is always the best part and the game just adds to it.

It was definitely the best game I have ever gone to. There was never a down time during the game where one team was out of it. It was give and take all the way. I have never stood up and sat down so much in my life. Our seats were awesome and we saw some spectacular plays right in front of us. One of the humorous moments was when the referee went down with a cramp and the stretched him out. They had his legs up in the air and showed his but to half the stadium. Tried to take a picture but it didn’t turn out too well. I thought UCLA was going to let Cal win in the final moments but they stepped up. Once again Dorrel’s job is saved. Even after some bonehead calls.

Can’t wait till next years game.


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