Digital Boundaries

When The Village Chapel first started my office was completely mobile. It consisted of my laptop and my smartphone. It was nice because I could work from anywhere and receive calls and emails. There was a freedom and flexibility that was nice. As the church grew problems started to crop up. First was that no one ever knew where the office was and second as we added employees we needed one place to meet and do work. Well we established offices at the church, installed phones and DSL, and became more grown up. With growth came overload…on my phone. I was never more than arms length from phone calls or email. Lately it has become overwhelming.

So I decided to shut down the email option on my phone and be specific about what calls I answer. If a call is marked private because the caller has caller ID block I am not going to answer it. I get too many weird calls and if I don’t know who it is I am not going to answer it. This may affect some of you but just leave a message and I will call you back.

Over the weekend I went through a little digital detox but I feel myself coming out of it and it is truly freeing. No longer do I care where my phone is plus I am not constantly checking it to look at new emails. Boundaries are a good thing.


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