The Power of Relationships

I got a chance to visit one of our small groups this week. Monday night we have a study led by Karl over at the Peet’s house. I have been wanting to get over there since it started but haven’t been able to. I am glad I did because it is such a wonderful group of people that truly love one another. I was also surprised to find that Karl is quite the piano player and leads his group in several songs of worship before the study. It was a special week also because they are starting a study of the first four chapters of Revelation and it is going to be good. One cute thing that happened was when Karl asked the group our four core values. They knew them! Pretty impressive and encouraging that our people get it.

Our third core value is Relationships. We build relationships at The Village Chapel through small groups. It is our chance to look at each other face to face and love on one another. As or church grows the need to build these small groups intensifies. I am praying for some one in our church to rise up and champion small groups. To take the challenge of getting everyone in our church in a small group.


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