Great Sunday

What a great Sunday! There are just some Sundays you feel in the groove and that the congregation is getting it. Today was one of those days. Each service was fun in its own way. First service was ready to laugh which is so surprising because usually they are all about business. It was fun to dedicate our first baby, Audrey. I love doing dedications except that I kept pronouncing the last name wrong. Ooops!

Second service was bumping. They we just alive and engaged. There was this total energy and my little amen corner was in high gear. Five people raised their hands to accept Christ. Awesome! I also got to dedicate our youngest child Tobias. That was really cool. I got to admit I am surprised I made it through it. We went way over in our time because of communion but it didn’t seem to bother anyone. In fact no one wanted to leave the from the second service.

Our third service is filling up. We have several families that have committed to making this service their own and it is working out really good. We had a new family that was brought by a couple of other families and they all got saved. In all we had about seven raise their hands for salvation. Wow! Unbelievable but I know this is a direct relation to our month of prayer and fasting. God is so good.


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