Get On The Bus

Jim Collins has written a great business book called Good To Great. One of the chapters talks about having the right people in your organization as a key to success. He uses the analogy of a bus in the chapter and emphasizes that you have to have the right people on the bus in order for the business to be successful. One of the ideas from that chapter that has stuck with me is when you come across the right person you put them on the bus even if you don’t have a position for them. The right people will create a position and work into the needs you already have.

Collins also mentions that it is just as important to get the wrong people off the bus. There is nothing worse than having the wrong people on the bus and being stuck in the parking lot going nowhere. It destroys morale and limits productivity. While he does mention that getting them off the bus is the hardest thing to do if you do it in the end it will be best thing for you.

We are fortunate at The Village Chapel to have great people on board the bus. I believe we have the best staff we could assemble for our church. Joe, Tom, and Christin have been stellar in the roles they play and I feel have been an intregal part in the success of the church. Now with the addition of Kent and Susan I believe we are positioned for what God has for us in the future. We got the right people on the bus.


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