Sticker Shock!

We are in the market for a new car. My wife’s mini-van days are numbered. So last night we got a rare date night thanks to the grandparents and we decided to look at cars after dinner. I gotta tell you that it is so much more enjoyable without children. We got to drive three different types if vehicles; two SUV’s and a mini-van. We really like the larger of th two SUV’s. It was roomy, drove nice, and could pull any trailer we purchased. What we didn’t like was the gas mileage and the "deal" they gave us.
When we first looked at the price they had dropped it $8000. That was impressive. When we sat down to crunch the numbers the deal turned a little sour. They offered us very little for our trade in and wouldn’t give us a good rate because we wouldn’t give them enough info. When they finally brought us the price it was almost as much as our mortgage on our first house! To say we had sticker shock was an understatement. Fortunately we remembered we had children and had to pick them up from the sitter. 🙂 So now we are back at square one. Maybe we will drive the Chrysler until it falls apart. After all it is paid off.


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