The Lost Art of Listening

Listening is becoming an art form. The reason I know this is that so few people are good at it. I am hardly an expert listener but I do know when people aren’t. Take for instance my favorite coffee drive thru. The people on the speaker are far more interested in sounding good than they are listening to what kind of coffee I want. I guess all of them are training to be TV announcers for Telemundo or something. One thing you don’t want to do is mess with someone before they get their daily caffine fix and forgetting what they ordered only exacerbates this.

Another place that baffled me was my sandwich place. I tolde her that I wanted everything on my sandwiches. What part of everything don’t people understand. She proceeded to ask me abut everything down the row. Now I am sure this is standard protocol but everything means everything.

I was always taught that you need to be an active listener. You make eye contact and engage the person as they speak. I admit this is difficult at times but every attempt should be made. It is important to repeat what the person says not for their sake but yours. Finally act like you care. If you are more into yourself than the other person this will come across. I think that if we become better listeners  it will in turn make us more caring people.


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