Major Props

I wanna give major props to our workers at The Village Chapel. Going to three services was a mjor stretch for our workers but they stepped up big time today! I was so impressed. Several people stayed for all three services which won’t be happening too often but I think they were excited to see what would happen and they made everything a success.

A special shout out to Joe, Christin, and Tom. These guys are my staff but so much more. They stepped up big time today with their ministries. The Worship was off the charts and I actually had to stop singing in the 3rd service so I would have some voice left. I was so into it. Christin did all three services for The Village Kids but she had all her services covered with newly trained workers. Finally Tom took the biggest leap of faith because I made him split his youth group in two by offering youth group at both the 10am & 11:15am service. Sometimes to keep momentum going as a whole group smaller groups within need to split and then multiply. He took a hit for the team but I think God is going to bless them when they start midweek services in 10 days.

Overall everything went off without a hitch. I wish I could mention everyone who made today a success. You guys are in my heart and I am so blessed by you all. You guys stepped up big time.


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