Hitting Our Goals

I am a person that measures everything. It is one of the ways I can make an informed decision. We measure a lot of stuff at The Village Chapel but probably not what you think. We do most of our measuring horizontally. What do I mean by that? Well we don’t just count the empty seats on Sundays. We have a discipleship process that measure how people are growing at our church. We call it Living The WORD of God. We want to take people from Worship (Sunday Mornings) to Outreach (Inviting People) to Relationships (Small Groups) to Discipleship (Ministry Teams).

So we keep track of how many visitors are invited by friends, we gauge how many people are attending our small groups, and we measure how many people are serving on ministry teams. This helps us to know if we are accomplishing our goals of Living the WORD.

Currently we have close to 50% of our people in small groups and 40% of our people on ministry teams. We are close to our goal of 75% in small groups and 60% on Ministry Teams. I think in the coming months as we open more small groups and develop more community outreach teams we will see that number rise. The number that excites me the most is invites. Over 90% of our visitors were invited by someone in our church. That shows we are on the right path


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